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Contracts & Agreements


Manage the full lifecycle of your agreements and contracts, from negotiation, to  management of versions, to managing the terms and conditions of an executed contract, and its amendments. Automatically capture the full thread of corresponding emails and conversations, with tools to assist licensing managers to more easily store, manage and view contracts and agreements, and any addenda and revisions. TechTracS® offers a more robust environment for managing opportunities that arise while enforcing workflow consistency.


Automation reduces risk by eliminating the need for staff to manually schedule or remember to complete required activities. Additionally, activities can be monitored for completion, so that management is alerted based on internal workflow should activities remain incomplete.


Let TechTracS Agreement Management do the "heavy lifting" of managing contractual obligations for you!

  • Manage key terms                                 

  • System and email notifications

  • Create and re-use templates               

  • Manage any agreement

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