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KSS TechTracS

KSS TechTracS Overview

How do you identify, capture,

manage, and share the knowledge

in your organization?

How do you maximize the benefit

of these intellectual assets?

KSS TechTracS is an innovative technology solution
that allows you to collect, define, and manage
the knowledge in your organization.



Every year, universities, businesses, and government agencies lose millions of dollars in uncollected license fees, avoidable legal expenses, and missed opportunities. Constantly growing caseloads, paperwork, and reporting requirements keep them swamped.


Researchers can’t access critical information, invention disclosures and legal filings are missed, and valuable marketing opportunities fall between the cracks.


KSS TechTracS is the remedy to these common problems by helping you to discover, chronicle, and profit from your institution’s intellectual assets.




How Does KSS TechTracS Work?

KSS TechTracS is a commercial cloud-based management system that enables an organization to manage its entire innovation supply chain. This includes research project management, technology transfer, intellectual property management, and agreement management. Using KSS TechTracS's user-friendly web interface, your institution can generate significant gains in productivity while also providing a comprehensive innovation knowledge warehouse.


More than just a bundle of tools, KSS TechTracS is a total business solution for managing the technology transfer enterprise. It covers each step of the process—from the research proposal, to the project itself, and all of its outputs (publications, invention disclosures, patents, research materials and more). KSS TechTracS also manages the transactions involved in monetizing assets such as license agreements and material transfer agreements. It features the best financial management tools in the industry!



• KSS TechTracS Uncovers Valuable Brainpower

How can you possibly leverage your knowledge when you don’t know what knowledge you’ve got? When organizations are so focused on the result of innovation instead of the process that created it, the opportunity to collect and share that valuable knowledge of process slips away. The problem gets worse when innovators work in “silos.” The bigger the organization, the greater the management and collaboration challenge.



KSS TechTracS Captures Value From Innovation

KSS TechTracS is an enterprise innovation management system for research, intellectual property, and agreements, as well as the idea itself. While the standard focus is primarily on the end product (usually a patent) KSS TechTracS prioritizes gathering all the important information along the way:


  • Whose concept is it?

  • Who’s on the team?

  • What materials were used and what facility?

  • Where is the original R&D proposal?

  • Who funded the project?

  • How about the all-important disclosure form?

  • What about publications?

  • What are the related patents and other intellectual property?

  • What agreements have been secured?



• KSS TechTracS Grants Access to Organizational Knowledge

Have you ever prepared or read a proposal for a project and thought, “I think we did something similar a few years ago…” but you can’t find proof? Now there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You’ll have access to all organizational knowledge, from the proposal to intellectual property and agreements.



• KSS TechTracS Increases Compliance Efforts

Recently, KSS helped a client increase compliance efforts and step up enforcement of licensing. By implementing KSS TechTracS They recovered over $600,000 in licensing fees and legal expenses in the first year alone.



• KSS TechTracS Fosters Collaboration

TechTracS fosters collaboration across departments and organizational units. With easy access to shared information, you’ll be better prepared with data when negotiating your agreements, marketing technologies, or seeking funding for R&D. Imagine the potential for innovation if you could share the wealth of knowledge from the brilliant minds in your organization.



• KSS TechTracS Expands Overall Productivity

KSS TechTracS expands productivity. Our relational database mirrors your business processes. Automated business rules save time. TechTracS manages complex agreement terms and integrates financial data to help manage royalty distributions and other transactions.



• KSS TechTracS Integrates Financial Data

KSS TechTracS offers full fledged business financial management system for Technology Transfer business operations.  More than a simple "Payments in, Payments" out system,  TechTracS allows TTO financial professionals to enter all Transaction types on an Accrual or Cash basis in order to track Cost Sharing, Reimbursable and Cost Recoverable Transaction Items.  Additional financial tools include General Ledger, Invoice Manager, Electronic Expense Importing, Royalty distribution, Electronic Invoicing and Non-Dollar Invoicing, Write off tool, Interest Due Invoicing and Patent Budgeting.

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