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Compliance & Reporting

At KSS, one of our key guiding principles is to provide unfettered access to your data.  Therefore, we offer an array of tools--from quick and easy to powerful and sophisticated--for finding, extracting and displaying data from the system.   Automate that process so that the database emails standard reports to a defined mailing list regularly without requiring any staff intervention!

Some of the broad range of tools available for reporting:

  • Export any record listing to Excel!

  • Find Bys and Advanced Find Bys for quick and powerful reporting

  • View metric counts on a monthly, quarterly, or annual time period. Click on count to view records in listing screen. Print and/or export to Excel!

  • Use one of the pre-defined reports included in our extensive library of included reports

  • Use our Export Builder which allows any user, with the appropriate rights, to access any field from any table in the database and export that cross-table query to Excel.

  • ODBC Access - utilize your favorite 3rd party reporting tool by connecting to your TechTracS database using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)


The KSS TechTracS Compliance Manager module, (while sufficiently flexible to handle any type of compliance) is predominantly focused on fulfilling Bayh-Dole obligations.


KSS TechTracS iEdison reporting offers true, single push button control with upload functionality that is consistently quick, easy and error free.

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