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Intellectual Property Management

You've done your due diligence and you've decided you need to protect your intellectual assets from the dangers of a competitive world.   Whether you decide to file for patent, copyright, trademark protection, or want to maintain information about your critical institutional knowledge, TechTracS® can help.

TechTracS® enables full management of your intellectual assets, with integrated tools and automation for reminders and alerts for critical dates and status -- TechTracS® includes an Activity Center and Calendar which can be used to manage the full life cycle of a patent, including a docket timeline to track patent and licensing activities.

TechTracS® offers solutions for managing patent budgets and financials, including electronic expense imports from outside counsel.

TechTracS® keeps you ahead of the curve when managing your compliance obligations!

  • Alerts for critical due dates                    

  • Patent family management

  • Tight integration with Agreements, all relevant data

  • Integrated with financials to track all patent costs

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