Transforming Technology Transfer from a Cost Center into a Profit Center

Are your intellectual assets working hard enough?
It’s a troubling question. Every year, universities, businesses, and government agencies lose millions of dollars in uncollected license fees, avoidable legal expenses, and missed opportunities. Even the most heroic efforts from Technology Transfer Offices aren’t enough. Constantly growing caseloads, paperwork, and reporting requirements keep them swamped. So researchers can’t access critical information. Invention disclosures and legal filings are missed. And valuable marketing opportunities fall between the cracks. KSS TechTracS® changes all this.

Today’s only enterprise solution.
Developed by Knowledge Sharing Systems LLC., client / server and web-based KSS TechTracS® automates the entire research and intellectual asset management lifecycle for your enterprise – from research to IP protection to technology marketing and licensing. Nothing else comes close. Now researchers will receive the responsive support they need. Your technology transfer office will achieve dramatic productivity gains. And senior management will see the returns on investment they’ve always wanted.

Based on real-world management processes.
We built KSS TechTracS® around the fundamental processes followed by top-tier higher education, federal lab and corporate research institutions. So it works the way you do, whether you’re a researcher, administrator, licensing manager, or executive. And with so many automation features, KSS TechTracS® does the work for you.


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